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Women's clothing from our own production

Mjöeli stands for sophisticated, minimalist women's fashion designed in Germany. Our business concept is: high quality, timelessness and beauty in simplicity. We make women's fashion with a multifunctional approach and we love to experiment and to innovate.

Mjöeli is: minimalist wardrobe

The fashion of Mjöeli appeals to all women who aim to look modern and stylish without great effort, without superfluous bells and whistles. We help these women to put together a minimalist wardrobe that is practical as well. We love uncomplicated fashion: we appreciate clear simplicity, timelessly beautiful trends and deliberate details.

     Mjöeli is: optimal combinability

We make fashion for women who are active, successful and strong. They know exactly what they want and make perfect use of their time. We at Mjöeli free these women from unnecessary and time-consuming decisions. That's why we design clothes that can be combined quickly and easily combine as basics or with trendy pieces to create stylish looks.

     Mjöeli is: high quality

Clothing that never goes out of style should be portable for a long time. And: We want to give our customers a good feeling. So we use high quality fabrics and produce limited collections. Each collection is created by a team of professional designers. High quality at a reasonable price are our maxims.





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