Wool turquoise blazer

Wool turquoise blazer



Autumn Wardrobe





- Solid color: We respect your right for any color combinations. So we’ve decided to make oversize blazer in light turquoise color. Create your own style and combine clothes in your own manner.

- Original: Mjöeli designers have created unique sketches before free line blazer has been created. And now it is your turn to match it with accessories and make your look stunning and OOAK.

 - Stress- free: Never look back at all clothes you had before. This loose blazer will create new ideas for active, independent look. Combine long sleeve blazer with any style you need.

- Free form: You are free to be yourself putting on designer wool coat. There is no need to pretend to be someone else. So any dress, top, or shirt are welcome to be worn under it. 

- Top quality: Mjöeli team has used top-quality blended wool for free form turndown collar blazer creation. This will provide the item with longevity and durability.

Fabric content: 60 % wool, 40 % polyester

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