Wool coat plaid unlined

Wool coat plaid unlined



Autumn Wardrobe





- A classic ahead of time - The warm coat protects from the cold wind. The coat is perfect for every day and is compatible with several styles.

- New solutions for familiar things - A coat in a cage was considered a trend at the beginning of the 20th century. Now the fashion has returned, and the elegant cell will emphasize your femininity and originality. Wear a coat under an office outfit or evening dress - the emphasis will be placed correctly

- Naturalness and elegance - The coat consists of 95% Wool and 5% Polyester - natural material will warm you during the cold. The peculiarity of this coat is that additional accessories will make the image complete and complete. Now every working day will be your joy. Combine a coat with a small waist bag, a thin waist belt, and leather gloves. Leaders to complement - black beret and a small handbag on the shoulder. Like a spilled Frenchwoman!

Materials: 95% wool, 5% polyester

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